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Lime Shaker Mixer -

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Technical specifications

Configured for NR-12, complying with category 2 safety standards;
Electrical panel 220/380 / 440V, control voltage 24VAC (NR-10);
Electrical supply through IP44 three-phase industrial coupling;
Lime Reservoir / Silo with a capacity of 1000 Kg of Lime;
Staging tank with a capacity of 10 m³;
Feed tank with a capacity of 15 m³;
Tanks and silo made of carbon steel # 3/16 ’’ with quality certificate;
Stainless steel multiple paddle stirrers with anti-rotation mixing system, powered by a high-performance gearbox with a power of 10CV;

Regulatory Standard Information (NR-12)

In order to provide greater safety to users and machine operators, some preventive measures and the installation of new safety devices have been implemented, as described below. Two mushroom emergency keys with double contact will be installed at the ends of the machine in order to guarantee its total shutdown by its operator or any close person trained with greater agility and speed, in case of any incident or abnormality in the operation of the machine.

The mobile protection grids will be supervised by magnetic keys, double contact, which will detect any movement of the same, in case of an attempt to open during the cutting operation and will cause the security system to cease all operation immediately. Any and all interventions that are made on the machine, whether by activating a safety sensor or "knocking" the machine's emergencies, will cause the entire machine to enter emergency mode and stop its full operation immediately. It will only be released again when the faults are verified, "reset" and given a new start command in the process.

All safety mechanisms (magnetic keys and emergency buttons) will be monitored individually by dedicated safety relays, which are available at all times.

Monitoring each safety device and itself, that is, if there is an internal failure in the relay, whether due to bad contact, the presence of dust, or eventual damage to the device, it goes into error and generates a failure in the system, blocking its operation. All safety devices will remain active even in manual mode. The entire process of the machine, automatic or manual, is assembled in order to ensure that its operators do not have the need to be in direct contact with the risk areas of the machine, it will only be necessary for the operator to feed the machine with the part to be cut, and give a START command so that the process starts and ends automatically.